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Zombie Apocalypse
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The end of the world as you know it. What are you going to do when it happens? Because it will. Yuck it up all you want to. Write the whole zombie apocalypse off to Hollywood hype. Go right ahead and keep boating down the river called Denial, Cleo. Send me a postcard when the zombies are beating down the pyramid door. You think it can't happen? Ever heard of antibiotic resistant viruses? Did you know that tales of the reanimated dead date back 4,500 years? Did you know the freaking CDC has a plan for the zombie apocalypse. (Thank God they didn't put FEMA on this thing or we would be screwed.) Admit it. You wouldn't be looking at this book if something wasn't nagging you. Global warming, threatened pandemics, contaminated water table, a rising culture of violence. Maybe you don't believe in zombies per se . . . yet . . . but you do know that people are just edgy enough already that civilization and civilized behavior are headed to hell in a handbasket as soon as disaster strikes. Two words for you: Hurricane Katrina. Okay two more, cluster and . . . You get my drift. I'm not some black ops, ninja, undead-fighting, SWAT guru. I'm just someone who plans on staying alive. And if I do die, I plan to be definitively dead, not kinda dead on the hoof. Believe or don't believe. Frankly, I could care less, but I will give you one huge tip. When the dead are roaming the streets, you'll have one major advantage they won't -- you'll still be able to think. I actually suggest you dust off your brain and start using it now. You might have a steep learning curve. This is a book for both the pre- and post-apocalypse crowd. If you're ready to get off your complacent backside and prepare for what's coming, I'll show you how to get started with an EDC (every day carry) survival kit and move through threat assessment, defensive strategies, basic weapons selection, and planning your long-term cache of supplies. If you're hunkered down clutching a filthy copy of this book in a ruined store, get the hell out of there! Take the book, go someplace safe, breathe, and let's get to work.

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