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Empire: A Jack Sigler Thriller, Book 8 , Hörbuc...
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In 1959, nine hikers of the Dyatlov expedition perish while crossing a remote mountain range in the Soviet Union. More than 65 years later, the circumstances surrounding their deaths remain a mystery. In 1995, Julie Sigler is killed in an Air Force training exercise crash, but the circumstances of her death are never called into question...until she appears on TV, 20 years later, standing beside the current president of the United States. Disavowed and on the run, the black ops Chess Team is in search of one of their own: former President Tom Duncan. Held in a secret US government detainment site after sacrificing his freedom to ensure the team's, Duncan hasn't been seen or heard from in a year. Meanwhile, the team's leader, Jack Sigler, is on the trail of a woman who just might be his sister Julie - back from the dead and working for his enemies. Drawn into a labyrinth of intrigue, King discovers a scheme to topple the US government and forge a new global empire. To stop a war that could destroy civilization, King and the Chess Team infiltrate the frozen Russian wilderness, battle the elements and the inhuman abominations spawned in Cold War laboratories, and go head-to-head with a powerful enemy, ascending from the pages of history. Torn between loyalty to his family, his teammates and his country, King faces his most daunting challenge yet. The stakes have never been higher, or more personal. Jeremy Robinson and Sean Ellis, the international best-selling duo behind Herculean and Cannibal are back for the eighth novel in the pulse-pounding Jack Sigler Thriller series. With the ancient mystery of James Rollins and frenetic pacing of Matthew Reilly, and with an all too plausible civilization-ending scenario, Empire will please new listeners and longtime Sigler fans alike. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Jeffrey Kafer. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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